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Custom AI Bots For Your Apartment Communities

Streamline resident lead generation, effortlessly schedule tours, and offer 24/7 virtual support to your residents with AI chatbots for property managers. Enhance your leasing process with AI-driven efficiency and round-the-clock customer service.

An embedded AI-driven employee to help you lease faster

Automate lead generation

Schedule more tours and sign more leases with qualified leads delivered straight to your inbox.

Reduce workloads

Minimize time to resolution with service calls and qualify prospective residents faster.

Deliver 24/7 support

Let users explore your property after hours with virtual tours and one-of-a-kind customer service.

Train LeasingBot on any custom data

  • Choose Your A.I. Model. You are able to select between GPT-3.5 and the latest GPT-4 model from OpenAI (note: 1 GPT-4 response = 25 credits). Other models like Claude 2, Llama 2 & more from HuggingFace will be available soon!
  • Custom Knowledge Base. Train each A.I. chatbot to understand any information uploaded to it or train it on any website you’d like.
  • Scrape & Upload Website Data. Enter in a url to add all the website’s data and add to each A.I. chatbot.
  • Upload Multiple Files. Upload pdfs, docs & copy/ paste data to customize each A.I. chatbot.

Capture prospective resident leads and schedule tours

  • Embed on Any Website. Create embed codes to embed the chat widget on your communities website.
  • Capture Prospective Resident Leads. Create custom fields and ask users to fill out a form before the chat begins.
  • Qualify Prospects with Data. Train the A.I. on the details of your community and how to answer questions to qualify a prospective resident.
  • Fully Automated Tour Scheduling. Get prospective residents into your funnel and on your calendar without breaking a sweat. It’s like magic, but real.

Flexible Pricing

2 FREE Months
$99/ month
  •  1 Included A.I. Chatbots
  •  5,000 A.I. Message Credits
$250/ month
  • 3 Included A.I. Chatbots
  • 20,000 A.I. Message Credits
$1500/ month
  • 10 Included A.I. Chatbots
  • 100,000 A.I. Message Credits
  • Choose Your A.I. Model
  • API Access (White Label Webhooks)
  • VIP Onboarding and Monthly Check-ins
$1,000/ year
  •  1 Included A.I. Chatbots
  •  5,000 A.I. Message Credits
$2,000/ year
  • 3 Included A.I. Chatbots
  • 20,000 A.I. Message Credits
$15,000/ year
  • 10 Included A.I. Chatbots
  • 100,000 A.I. Message Credits
  • Choose Your A.I. Model
  • API Access (White Label Webhooks)
  • VIP Onboarding and Monthly Check-ins

More LeasingBOTs

Add 1 Chatbot to your account


Add 3 Chatbots to your account


Add More
Message Credits

1 GPT-3.5 response = 1 credit • 1 GPT-4 response = 25 credits.

2,000 message credits = $20 ($0.01 /credit) (2,000 GPT-3.5 messages = 80 GPT-4 messages)


12,500 message credits = $100 ($0.008 /credit) (12,500 GPT-3.5 messages = 500 GPT-4 messages)


35,000 message credits = $175 ($0.005/credit) (35,000 GPT-3.5 messages = 1,400 GPT-4 messages)


What is a message credit?

One message credit is equal to one A.I. generated response using OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3.5 model. When using GPT-4, one A.I. response is 20 credits.

Can I get more LeasingBOTs

Yes, additional chatbots start at $75 per chatbot per month.

What type of data can I upload?

You can create a custom knowledge base for each individual LeasingBOT by copy/ pasting text, uploading different files (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt), scraping a website url or adding individual question and answer pairs.

Can I add/ embed the A.I. chatbot to my website?

Yes you can embed the custom A.I. chatbot to your website as a little widget in the bottom right hand corner of the website.

How secure is the data I upload?

At we prioritize your data’s security by employing advanced AWS encryption and adhering to strict privacy protocols. Your data will never be used or sold to 3rd parties.

Can I connect my A.I. chatbot to Zapier?

Yes, you can use LeasingBOT’s white label API to create a custom integration with over 2,000+ other applications.

Do the A.I. chatbots use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?

You have the option of selecting between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 on each chatbot. Other options like Claude 2, Llama 2 and the other top 10 LLM models on hugging face (where applicable) will be available in the future.